Happy Friday! What’s everybody up to this weekend? My husband is home again after a long business trip and I can tell he feels guilty about being away from the kids. You better believe I am taking full advantage of his guilt by leaving him with ALL parenting duties this weekend. Welcome home, honey. Bye!

Yep. I am actually, finally going to get a break from my children. (Stay-at-home moms: “Um, you get to drink your coffee while it’s still warm as you check Facebook at work every morning. Shut up forever.” Me: “Fair enough.”) What am I even going to DO with all this freedom?!? I’ll hit up Target, obviously, but then what? Read? A book? I picture myself on a quiet hike, soaking in that sweet, sweet solitude all alone in the mountains, but don’t they say you’re not supposed to hike alone because a bear will eat you or something? Maybe I’ll just go see “Ghostbusters.”

Whatever you do this weekend, here’s hoping it’s a good one. And here are some fun links from around the web:

Printable do-not-disturb baby door hangers that say things like “Wake My Baby and I’ll Cut You.” These would be fun to print out and give away at baby showers.

I’m a housewife, and that’s why I’m raising my daughters to be feminists.

The right way to bribe your kids to read.

Help Chelan PUD decide if and where to install a new splash pad. (No decision on building a splash pad has been made. It’s in study mode, and you’re welcome to join the study.)

Remember last year’s Dog Mayor race in Wenatchee? Well this year, the stakes are even higher, as we elect a Dog President! Nominate your dog and vote for your favorites!

There’s a trailer for the new “Gilmore Girls.”

Confession: I’ve never actually been to Leavenworth’s Waterfront Park, but this write-up from Wenatchee Outdoors makes me really want to take the kids there.

Has anybody else gotten way too into the show “Stranger Things”? I think it’s my new favorite obsession. It’s everything creepy and cool about scary ’80s movies. Steal your mom’s Netflix password and watch it already!

It’s never a good thing when daycare calls.

(That cute photo up top is from Mom Blogger Michelle McNiel, who spent some fun time with her kids at Lake Chelan this week. Thanks, Michelle!)