Steak and potatoes: A date night recipe

Ask any marriage expert and they will tell you that date nights are super important to the whole staying married thing. And it really is pretty fun to put on a dress occasionally, leave the kids with a sitter and spend an evening across a candlelit table from your husband, acting like the easy-breezy person you pretended to be when you were dating. (Hahaha of COURSE I don’t care about the hole in the floor of your car, silly! It’s like, whatever! It’s not even big. Now get back to recapping that Bo Jackson 30 for 30 before I literally die of suspense.)

But sometimes it just sounds so much better to hang out at home together, put on music and make and share a delicious meal. Because this is who you both are now, and it’s actually a million times better than dating. Plus, you can wear sweatpants in this scenario. Here’s a good Date Night In recipe to try. Our summer intern, Analise Nelson, got together with a friend, cooked this hearty steak and potatoes meal, and sent us the video. According to Ana, everything tasted great. So here you go. Enjoy!