Have a good weekend.


Happy Friday! What’s everybody up to this weekend? Our neighborhood is getting together for a party in the park (with music! with kids running around in the grass!) and we’re bringing in a taco truck. I love my neighbors. I love tacos. I love day-drinking in open fields. What more could a girl ask for? Here’s hoping you all have wonderful weekends, and here are some fun links from around the web:

Is your pet cute? Enter them in The World’s Cutest Pet Contest!

Your last reminder: Little Sun Hat’s big warehouse sale is Saturday in Cashmere.

This cocktail at The Sidecar Lounge looks like heaven.

This is not a new video and you may have seen it before, but every time I watch it I laugh until I cry. “Company is coming. Get rid of the couches. We can’t let people know that we SIT!”

Mom hair.

Two guys in their 30s have earnest discussions about “The Babysitters Club” book series in “The Babysitters Club Club” podcast. (“A lot of people have problems with Kristy and I am the first among them. She’s a control freak. She’s bossy. But that is good babysitting and nobody can take away from her that she’s a good f@#$&#g babysitter.”)

A new smart watch that teaches kids to manage their own time.

Do you guys read the wedding section of the New York Times? It’s full of pretentious, sappy wedding announcements, East Coast snobbery and hipster buffoonery dripping from every other line, but I absolutely love it. Because romance. Well, this blogger tore one recent announcement apart, and it’s flipping hilarious.

The one single, childless friend you invited to your kid’s birthday party has some requests.

The World’s Best Father.

Games to play with kids.

I have been reading this perfect little book and highly recommend it.