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I’ve just finished reading the book that, likely, I will be reading for the rest of my life. Now, to be fair, I’ve occasionally been accused of always being fired up about my latest read, but there is more to this story. “Mindful Loving” by Dr. Henry Grayson has opened my heart to a whole world I had always felt was there, but could not find on my own, and I know I’ll never be the same.

So what’s the essence of this masterful guide into my own mind and heart? Well, the answer might be different for each reader. Surely, I could list the things it has taught me: to observe and choose my thoughts, how to see others as mirrors of my own process, to trust in love and live without fear, to name a few. I could tell you how I’ve grown since my sister pressed this book into my hands, insistent that I read it: I am more optimistic about people and life, I’m less afraid, and I am more grateful for the amazing journey I am on. Or I could share what my close friends have noticed is different about me since I cracked it open: I act more kindly, make more loving decisions, I’m more present and aware.

But really, I’d rather put a copy of it on your nightstand and ask how it affects you. I’ve already given away a half-dozen copies to friends. I want to let others know, the seekers and the scholars, those who want to open up and live with love and not fear…let them know that should they get a hold of this beautiful work on how to find and embrace our True Selves, they might find what they are looking for, and so much more.

If you do, I hope you’ll shoot me an email with your thoughts and story. I’d love to hear how Dr. Grayson’s ideas speak to you. Whether you use it as a guide to heal your relationships, deal gently with your painful past, or as a way to simply become more truly yourself, I can only imagine the wonders in store for you.

This book changes people. I can’t help but feel it came my way just at the perfect time. Might it be the same for you?