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It’s strawberry season and my daughter and I are happy about our first real strawberry plants that haven’t died! Yay!

There is nothing better than growing your own produce, unless you don’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, literally! My 5-year-old daughter Hannah and I have spent a ton of time outside trying to maintain our labors of love on the ranch, which can be difficult with our wild animals who also love garden greens and berries. The last couple weeks we have really watched our strawberries, with mouths watering, hoping to taste that first strawberry. Well, the first strawberry has been eaten…just not by us!

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It seems the birds also enjoy the plump red berries. It’s so disappointing to find something beat us to it. So, I’ve heard several strategies for prevention, and the most obvious is the netting to keep birds out. We will use that, but for now, we wanted to throw a fun craft in and have gotten reviews from fellow strawberry growers. So, Hannah and I gathered rocks that had the shape of a juicy strawberry, from there we painted our rocks and finished them off with a little ModPodge to keep the paint on and shiny. The hope is that perhaps a bird will come in to taste one of these delish looking berries, and be deterred when they taste the not-so-sweet rocks.

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This was a fun project for us both and we’re excited to see how it works. They sure do look good enough to eat! Hopefully we will be enjoying the real deal soon enough!

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