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What’s happening? Your weekly events post

Happy Thursday and welcome to your weekly events roundup. This week, obviously, we’re making Independence Day plans. And while you may not be allowed to set off fireworks in your backyard this year (which is pretty flipping smart since we live in fire country. Duh.), there are plenty of places to watch the sky light […]

Endless summer

“Find something to do.” “Go outside.” “Please leave me alone for five minutes.” “If you’re going to run in the house go outside.” “Stay outside for at least 20 minutes before coming back in again.” These are all things I have said out loud to my children in the last hour. Summer vacation is the devil.

Steak and potatoes: A date night recipe

Ask any marriage expert and they will tell you that date nights are super important to the whole staying married thing. And it really is pretty fun to put on a dress occasionally, leave the kids with a sitter and spend an evening across a candlelit table from your husband, acting like the easy-breezy person you pretended […]

Have a good weekend.

Happy Friday! What’s everybody up to this weekend? Our neighborhood is getting together for a party in the park (with music! with kids running around in the grass!) and we’re bringing in a taco truck. I love my neighbors. I love tacos. I love day-drinking in open fields. What more could a girl ask for? Here’s hoping […]

What’s happening? Your weekly events post

Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend or next week? Read on for our list of local events, and let us know if we missed something you think people should know about… Yes! Roller skating at the Town Toyota Center…opening night is Friday. Friday is also Family Fun Night at the Ridge, […]

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