Have a wonderful weekend!


Happy Friday, everybody! It’s going to be a beautiful, sunny Apple Blossom weekend. What are you all up to? My girls are super excited to be walking in the Youth Parade for the first time tomorrow, and my brother and his family are coming over from Tacoma for a few days. It’s going to be a kid-crazy, busy-busy, very fun weekend around our house. Here’s hoping you all have fun weekends, too! Say hi if you see us out on the parade route. Here are a few links from around the web:

Barbara Bush writes a lovely essay about life with her twin sister, Jenna.

We love Wenatchee Book Co.’s Blind Date with a Book. Read dangerously!

Restrictions on Choice will help balance Wenatchee class size

The perfect warm weather lemonade cocktail.

And speaking of #lemonade, um, can we talk about it for a minute? Did you watch? Did you download? I made my husband watch Beyoncé’s entire hour-long visual album on HBO with me last weekend. He looked confused and a little frightened throughout. I flipping loved it. So many feelings. Anyone else? (If you need me, I’ll be reading long think-piece articles about the album for the rest of my life.)

A taboo-free way to talk about periods.

Brené Brown: Courage is born from struggle.

To love yourself “as-is”

A sweet Mother’s Day card at Pickle Papers right now.

And thanks for that photo up top, Marisol…  A few of us bloggers hiked around Horse Lake Reserve last Saturday. It was great to see the ladies and our honorary mom blogger Connor and his sweet family. (Happy birthday, Connor!) In the photo: Marisol’s daughter Sierra, my daughter Kate, and Connor and Michelle’s son Matthew. My girls were not … how do I say this nicely … good. At all. The 4-year-old scraped her knee and had a bit of a breakdown. Near the end, her only motivation to keep moving was to stay near little Matthew, whom she was quite taken with. The 2-year-old just wanted to pick flowers (shhh…not allowed!!!), talk and sing to herself while sitting in the flowers, and crawl — CRAWL — along the trail. I went a bit bonkers, as captured in the super attractive photo below. Anyone have tips about hiking with very young children? How do you do it?