I picked up a twin headboard and footboard at a yard sale awhile ago for five dollars. I knew I could find a use for it! I love a good flip, so I started getting ideas for headboard benches. Adorable and affordable… plus plus!!

When I asked my husband to cut the footboard in half, I kinda got the crazy eye, but I told him it would be great! Next step was attaching the two pieces of the footboard on the sides of the headboard, making the arm rest. Yes!


I painted the bed-turned-bench frame white and that’s where my creativity stopped. I had several thoughts on how I would incorporate the bench seat, but I had crafter’s block. For two months that bench sadly sat in the shop half done. Hello spring! Hello new, fresh ideas! OK, I decided I wanted this bench done now, and it would fit perfectly on my front porch. So, my handyman husband cut the wood I needed and I stained it.


I love the contrast between the bright white and the dark stain. And if course, I distressed it a bit with sandpaper and it was complete! It looks great on my front porch and I might even add a pillow or two. Just like writers, crafters go through times when they suffer a lack of creativity, but all it takes to break out of is a little sunshine, change of season and inspiration! Seriously, this project cost me five dollars. That’s it! I had the wood for the seat, the stain and paint. What a flip! So if you see something that catches your eye, at a price you can’t refuse, purchase! Sooner or later you will find the perfect project for that flip. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get those flipped results, just a little time!! And this is the season, it’s getting warmer out and I’m getting excited to get out there and start junkin’! Happy Flipping!