Drugstore must-haves


Beauty and health regimes are my biggest guilty pleasures (besides wine and coffee and clothes and [insert everything else women love here]). Anyway, I am always reading any and everything about workout secrets, shrinking pores, aging well. Call me paranoid – whatever, I probably am. But let me let you in on a little secret… I love Sephora. My version of the pearly gates would have black and white stripes across them.

But my fiance and our wallets don’t love Sephora quite as much as I do. So I am always looking for good drugstore deals and must-have items beauty users swear by. I wanted to share a couple of drugstore finds (and one splurge) I swear by.  

Clump Crusher Mascara by Lashblast

After testing multiple kinds of mascara, I stumbled across this hidden gem and haven’t looked back since (about two years ago). I love everything about this mascara. It doesn’t flake, it provides great volume and I love the shape of the brush. Best part? You can find it at Walgreens for $8.79.

Simple Oil Balancing Cleansing Facial Wipes

I love these wipes. I was reading something from Kate Somerville (she has a dreamy skin care line at Sephora) who suggests a two-step cleansing process. First use cleansing wipes to work makeup and dirt off your face, then wash your face after with a gentle cleanser. I started doing this with these cleansing wipes and I love them. You can find these bad boys just about anywhere that has Simple Skincare products for about $6 or $7 bucks.


Sephora Face Mask

If I haven’t already annoyed you enough with the wedding talk (SPOILER: HERE IT COMES AGAIN) here is another product I have discovered. As of late, I have been spending a little more money on the luxury items for my wedding. I began searching for a face mask that would be great to use for a weekly prep before our big day and discovered these colorful, wonderfully smelling beauties. They are six bucks a pop, but after fifteen minutes of pure heaven, I’m surprised they aren’t twice that. They are miracle workers, so I stocked up on four more. All different kinds because variety never hurts.

Fun trick: I started using ice cubes on my skin after I wash my face at night and have loved the effects of it. It has tightened up my skin, shrunk my pores and gives my skin a refreshing look the next day. Try it – it works.

Have some drugstore finds that you swear by? Share by commenting below!