Happy Easter and happy, happy first weekend of spring, everybody! Here are a few fun links from around the web:

IMPORTANT NEWS ALERT:  Girl Scouts will be out selling their sugar-crack cookies in front of Safeway and Walmart beginning today!

Thoughts on the whole “wedgie jeans” trend? Would you wear them? I kinda like them! What about the ’90s choker? (“I guess I don’t get style.” — Katie Covey, Wenatchee girl at heart.)

The trailer for the NEW Bridget Jones movie!

Get creative with the sidewalk chalk.

Simplifying childhood to protect our kids’ mental health.

Fascinating video about the color blue, via our friends at Class with a Glass. Thanks, Emily!

Cute baby clothes.

I’m done making my kid’s childhood magical.

Whatever follows ‘I am’ is going to come looking for you. Advice about staying positive from Joel Osteen and Oprah.

A mother writes a poem about yoga, her body and her daughters.

A college professor (and bodybuilder!) held a fussy baby for one of his students so she could attend his lecture.

(Gorgeous photo from Ancient Lakes courtesy of Marisol.)