Slow cooker spaghetti squash


I called in sick to work the other day (my boss reads this so I’ll spare you the details) and had just made my way back to bed when my hubby came in and told me that my spaghetti squash had fallen to the floor and was cracked. Apparently it was an “accident” while he was helping my daughter make her breakfast before school. Said hubby and daughter loathe squash! Coincidence? I’ll let you decide. I had just enough brain cells to remember that I pinned directions on Pinterest to lazily cook a whole spaghetti squash in the Crock-Pot, so I told him to just leave it on the counter and I would deal with it later.

I washed the squash, poked a few holes in it and threw it in the slow cooker with a cup of water. It turned out great! The skin was soft and cut easily and the delicious strands of spaghetti scooped right out. A total #pinwin! Last time I wrestled with this kind of squash, I was hacking on it for 10 minutes trying to cut the bugger in half! No more machete squash for me. Here’s the pin. Enjoy!

What #pinwins have you created?

P.S. 100 points to the hubby for getting our daughter fed and off to school while I wasn’t feeling well!