If you are anything like me, the lives of your children are well documented. There isn’t a milestone that my camera has missed. One day my children will be able to look back at their chubby baby cheeks, toothless grins and first steps. I have daydreams of my someday grown children sitting down with their own families years from now, opening up a photo album full of their childhood memories and allowing them a glimpse into a time in their lives otherwise unseen.

Every time my daughter shares a dance with her father in the kitchen, I am there to capture the bond between daddy and daughter. Every time she learns something new, I am there for the celebratory picture. Each time my newborn son falls asleep in his dad’s arms, I am there to snap a photo of the two of them sleeping so soundly. As I sift through countless photographs taken over the last several years, I can’t help but notice that the one thing missing from these pictures is me.

It’s as though moms think of everything, everything except themselves that is. We easily forget how important it is to document that we were there, too. So this is my challenge to myself and anyone else who might be guilty of spending too much time behind the camera and not enough time in front of it: Whether you set up a tri-pod or you ask your partner to candidly snap a picture of you brushing your child’s hair or helping them bake cookies, make a point each month to take a picture of you with your children and I will do the same. Let’s share these moments together because as moms it’s important for us to show that we were there, too.

There will always be an excuse not to have your picture taken with your sweet babies — like maybe you haven’t showered in days because you’ve been selflessly tending to a fussy newborn and his suddenly very needy big sister. No? Maybe that’s just me, but whatever the reason is, toss it aside. Our children don’t care if we brushed our hair that morning, how much we weigh or how many days it’s been since we last put our makeup on. We are their moms and they love us just the way we are.

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