DIY customized signs

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Creating a handmade, customized sign can add so much personality to your home, and they make perfect gifts! There is a common myth when it comes to custom signs, so let’s clear that up: Homemade signs are for the experienced, artsy-crafters only, I couldn’t create one, and it’s affordable enough to just buy one. False! The signs couldn’t be easier, and its a great way for beginners to jump into crafting. Besides, paint can be painted over!

All you need is a piece of wood and paint. Oh, a creative mind helps, too. For the two signs I created, I used scrap pieces of wood I found. You don’t need expensive stencils or even Cricuts. Here’s a couple different techniques I used.

The Faith, Family and Farming sign was as easy as choosing a style of print from Word. Simply cut, tape to board and use a tracing method, outlining the words with a pointed tip tool of any sort, leaving an imprint in the wood. Seriously, it’s that easy. Paint in the lines and you have created a custom sign.

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My second technique was just as simple as the first, using a stencil (from the Dollar Store) and then painting. This is grade school stuff here. To add a special touch, I distressed the paint and project complete!

Lastly, have you priced customized signs? They are not cheap, and making your own, whether for yourself or a gift, is worth every minute! Next time you see a sign you love, get creative, grab a paint brush and make it happen!

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