Have a happy weekend.

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What are you up to this weekend? Both of my kids have been fighting a bug lately. They get super cuddly when they’re sick, so we’ll probably do our share of curling up under blankets together tomorrow. (My 4-year-old girl with the sniffles has been giving me soft kisses on the lips all week, then saying, “That’s a true love’s kiss. Did you fall in love with me?” My heart melts.) Hope you all have a relaxing weekend! Here are a few interesting links from around the web:

Will you watch the Oscars Sunday night? The Seattle Times put together a list of Oscar-nominated films that you can watch at home now. The paper also ran an essay by a woman of color that gets to the heart of why so many people are frustrated with this year’s pool of nominees. If you are watching the Oscars with a group of friends, here are printable Oscar ballots to fill out and compare at the end of the night.

The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center is hosting a 2-hour painting class for kids in grades 2-7 this Saturday.

Did you guys see that Jazzercise will open in a new downtown location pretty soon? I cannot wait!

Why I let my children read books about upsetting things.

One hundred pictures of people hugging.

The most exhausting (and magical) part of being a single mom.

When your toddler and her baby sister have been a little too quiet in the other room and you pop in to check on them.

Barbara Streisand’s collection of stuff is sort of ridiculous.

A bumbling panda bear, because it’s Friday.