A year ago I was an unhealthy mess. I had hives, diverticulitis, and chronic infections. I always complained about not feeling well, had frequent heartburn and headaches, I was constantly stressed, my food allergies were getting worse, and I felt like my health was spiraling out of control. Traditional medicine was only treating the symptoms and I felt alone on a deserted island.

About a year before this, I heard Dr. Allegra Hart of Naturae Clinic speak about food allergies. I was initially interested in taking my daughter to her as she has a list of food allergies a mile long. More about that another day. I met with Dr. Allegra and decided to be tested for food intolerances. To say I was in total shock with the results is an understatement. Before you continue reading this, please understand that these were MY RESULTS from my blood test and do not necessarily apply to anyone else. That being said, I was told to NEVER eat dairy products again. Ever. Anyone who knows me, knows of my affection for cheese. My favorites foods? Lasagna, tacos, enchiladas….you get the picture. My test results also said not to eat grains and potatoes together (weird, right?), and no buckwheat. So I happily accepted the buckwheat assignment and mourned the loss of my curds and whey. The first thing I did was eat a big pile of fettucine alfredo. And cried. A lot. But then, I remembered those hives and I thought, “I should try it for 90 days and see what happens.”

I slowly put one foot in front of the other and focused on every. single. bite. Guess what? The hives went away! My other symptoms started to fade away, and I started losing weight. In 4 months I dropped 2 sizes. I started having more energy and I didn’t have “the shakes” anymore when I hadn’t eaten for a while. I started thinking, “This is pretty cool. I can do this!”

Today I’m healthier than I’ve been my entire life, I’m 40 lbs lighter, and my skin is clearer than it’s been since I was a kid. I’m learning how to reduce my stress and how it affects my hormones and immune system. I’m learning to just breathe. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m incredibly grateful for this journey. And I’m dragging my family along with me. Some days are better than others, but I have a healthy future in sight.

I’ve discovered delicious foods that I hadn’t ever tried before. Coconut and castor oils are my new best friends. I eat a whole foods diet including fajita salads, lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and bacon! Yep, bacon. And chocolate! You’ve got to check out this recipe for Chocolate Seed Butter Cups. They’re totally doctor recommended!

If you have any healing to do or unexplained health issues, I encourage you to consider this incredible lifestyle. You’ll be glad you did. Check out this article to learn more about naturopathic doctors. Dr. Allegra’s book Nourishing Space Within: Essentials of Self – Care is a great place to start. It’s a tiny investment for some wonderful tips for improving your health and well being. Sorry not sorry for the infomercial, but my life has changed. Forever. I’m the same age as my mom was when she was diagnosed with cancer. I have a pre-teen to raise and a few trips to Hawaii to check off my bucket list.

(That’s me, now, in the photo.)