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5 tabata workouts when you are short on time

Finally! Your child is down for their afternoon nap and you have an hour and a half to yourself. You know you have a house to clean and laundry to fold, but you really want to squeeze a workout in, too. But how exactly are you going to make it work? TABATA, that’s how. What’s […]

DIY customized signs

Creating a handmade, customized sign can add so much personality to your home, and they make perfect gifts! There is a common myth when it comes to custom signs, so let’s clear that up: Homemade signs are for the experienced, artsy-crafters only, I couldn’t create one, and it’s affordable enough to just buy one. False! The […]

Have a happy weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Both of my kids have been fighting a bug lately. They get super cuddly when they’re sick, so we’ll probably do our share of curling up under blankets together tomorrow. (My 4-year-old girl with the sniffles has been giving me soft kisses on the lips all week, then saying, “That’s a true […]

What’s happening, beautiful?

Hey there, we are back again with your weekly events round-up. Just a friendly reminder to enjoy today and the weekend ahead! Story Time and Indoor Playground are taking place as usual. Wenatchee Valley Firewise Day is Saturday at Pybus. Twenty vendors will be there to talk fire safety and how homeowners can prepare. The Wenatchee Valley Museum […]

The gritty world of team sports

My 9-year-old daughter played in her first AAU basketball tournament over the weekend. The tourney drew about 10 teams from all over North Central Washington. As a parent, it was an eye opener. This wasn’t city league basketball, where you often see girls on opposing teams chatting and smiling during stoppages in the game. This […]

5 reasons why your child won’t sit still

(Guest blogger Mary Kostka is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist specializing in Sensory Processing Disorder at her private practice, ‘Ohana Occupational Therapy, LLC, in Wenatchee and Leavenworth.) There are many reasons why a child will have difficulty sitting calmly in a chair. These are the most common problems I see that cause those wild wiggles!  1) The […]

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