Something fun happened last night. A bunch of Wenatchee Mom Bloggers (and one very patient Dad Blogger) came over to my house to hang out and talk about this site.

In the back, that’s Andrea Andrus, Peggy Radewan, Clara Field and Kathryn Bonny. In the middle is Nicole Conner, Kelsey Schroeder, Alex Shorter, Kara Meloy and Marisol Galeana. That’s me and Marco in the front.

It was so encouraging to spend time with these talented, creative women (and Marco), sharing stories and talking about what we want this website to become. We’re all excited to build Wenatchee Mom Blog into an interactive, helpful, supportive place for local parents. Thank you to everyone who has checked out the site so far. Stay tuned for some fun things from this team and many others in the months ahead.

Side note: We had some of the valley’s best photography talent in my living room last night, but since Nicole was in front of the camera with the rest of us, my helpful husband took this shot with my phone. Thanks, Brett! You really captured the magical, insane glow that shoots from our eyes.