A letter for my future children

The truth for my children:

The hard times you will face in your lifetime may be the biggest heartache I experience in mine. When you are born I hope that I can forever shield you from the experiences of sadness, heartbreak, disappointment, anger or insult. I know that I can’t, for that is what life is.

However, there are obstacles in life that I hope I can help steer you away from — things that I wished I stayed clear of myself, like being judgmental of your body.

When I was growing up, times were hard for young impressionable minds. I was told to love my body no matter how I looked, but I always second guessed it. It was a statement that seemed transparent, lucid. Constantly comparing, analyzing, thinking — how can I love myself when she looks like that? So perfect.

And, unfortunately, that was normal for many. We would question our beauty or our size (What makeup can I buy or clothing can I wear to look like that?) when we all should have been asking ourselves, What can I do to be the healthiest and happiest me?

Now, I’m not saying that it won’t be like that when you grow up. Unfortunately, people tend to care more about looks than health. But I am hoping that you won’t fall into the same trap that many people do, including me. Whatever shape, size, hair color, skin tone you come in, you need to always love yourself.

I want you to grow up knowing that you are impeccable in your own way, regardless of your shape, size or brand. The things you see as imperfections are not imperfections at all, but rather, characteristics that make you unique from others. The ones that make you, you.

I want you to grow up knowing that health and happiness will forever outlive beauty — because if you are happy, you are beautiful.


Your future mother

Parents, how are you talking to your children about body image?