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My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. Lots of food. No gifts to buy. And all that gratitude. We positively overflow with gratitude around the Thanksgiving table. We’re thankful for our health, for our families, for our jobs. Naming out loud those things for which we are thankful can be such a profound rush. It’s the same feeling we get from writing thank you notes — and really meaning it. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for that unexpected gift that made my day. Gratitude just makes the soul happy. That’s science, I think. And so, while it’s not Thanksgiving, let’s warm this soggy, slushy January day with an outpouring of gratitude. Here are the things I am thankful for this month.

  • The dollar section at Target. (Always.)
  • The Valentine’s Day section at Dollar Tree.
  • All those wispy puffs of faux-fur on the winter coats this year. (I love any trend that makes me feel like a sexy Russian spy when I’m running errands with the kids.)
  • These chocolate macadamia clusters from Costco.
  • Sticking my head over a boiling pot of oatmeal every morning and pretending I’m at a spa.
  • The daffodils are back at Safeway, which means it’s practically spring!
  • Dancing in the kitchen with two funny little girls to every single song on 1989.
  • Mary Oliver’s book of poems about dogs that makes me cry and laugh and cry every time.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your happy this month? What are you thankful for? Please tell us! Let’s share a little gratitude today.

(Photo: Metro Creative)