I’m curious if there are any older moms like me out there reading Wenatchee Mom Blog. When I first approached Kelli Scott about writing for it, she said something like I could write about how sad it is to have an empty nest. I think she was being facetious but I gave an emphatic “no” to that topic! However, as I’ve been considering what to write, I’ve been thinking about how motherhood never really ends. It changes, of course, even to the extent that for an aging or ill parent the roles may reverse. But there will always be a parent-child relationship that requires thoughtful attention. And there is no month like December to remind us of that.

The holidays are a time when many empty nest parents either most feel or long for the quiet in their homes. This year my daughter was home, but my son was far away in Japan where he lives and works. This isn’t the first time he has missed Christmas as he has been there for a few years but it always kind of surprises me. We had a wonderful Christmas with Dana filling both pairs of shoes, but we all felt something missing. And our Christmas night Skype session didn’t quite fulfill. On the other hand, I have a friend whose two children both were home….along with their spouses and three young children, one set of parents-in-law, one brother-in-law and his wife!! Yikes — I haven’t seen her since Christmas Eve — hope she’s still alive! Another friend’s son and wife came home, but with sad news so they just tucked in for the holiday. Some I know went to their children’s homes or to the homes of friends. One thing I know for sure is that no matter where a mother’s kids are during the holidays, they are not far from her mind. What about you? Did you have a houseful or solitude, or were you away from home? How was it? Anything you would do differently given the same situation next year?

(Image credit: Metro Creative)