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As a photographer and a mom of two boys, I know first-hand how stressful and chaotic scheduling family photos can be.  Here is my guide to a wonderfully enjoyable photography experience.

1) Plan ahead. Schedule your session 4-6 weeks in advance. This gives you time to coordinate outfits.

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2) Select the right outfits. Choose colors that are appropriate for the season. Neutrals look the best in spring and bold jewel tones for winter. Make sure to add in layers and invest in stylish shoes for the kids. Shoes are often overlooked and they are the first thing that stands out in photos. Some of my favorite stores to find great kids clothes are: Zara, H & M, Gap and Old Navy.

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3) Choose a photographer you LOVE! This is so important. Choose someone who has the aesthetic you enjoy. Do they shoot in natural light, in a studio, at the park, in fields?

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4) Have fun! Family sessions are typically less than an hour, so make the most of that hour and remember it is not necessary to stand in a line and say “cheese”! Play with your kids, toss them in the air, chase them. It infuses natural emotion, keeps the session fun and dynamic. Your photos will reflect this exact moment of your lives and your kids and you will have natural expressions, and lots of smiles!

Huge thank you to Delane and her family for an amazing family photo session!

Photography by: Nicole Conner