Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith Crawley, from left, Elizabeth McGovern as Cora, Countess of Grantham and Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in PBS' popular "Downton Abbey," which returned for its last season on Sunday. (Nick Briggs)

Any Downton fans out there? I really got a kick out of the sixth (and final) season premiere on Sunday night and I am dying to talk to somebody about it!

***Spoiler Alert*** (although if you haven’t watched it yet, are you really a true fan?)

So here goes.

My favorite part was the triangle of Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Hughes and Carson as they discussed the intimate particulars of the upcoming nuptials. I also enjoyed the ongoing banter of Violet and Isobel, although it’s definitely been kicked up a notch this year. And I’m left with so many questions…

  • Will Mrs. Hughes and Carson get married?
  • Will we see Rose and Tom again this season?
  • Are Anna and Bates really off the hook in the first show of the season?
  • Can Dan Stevens at least have a cameo in the last season? Please?

What did you all think about the episode? How do you think the series will end?

(Photo credit: Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television/TNS)