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Have a great weekend.

What are you all up to this weekend? My husband is hanging with the kids on Saturday to give me some long-awaited time to myself for a few hours. What am I going to do with all of that freedom!? Walk the Loop Trail with my dog? Camp out at a coffee shop with a book? Speaking of which, do […]

Hello, it’s me. The weekend.

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these days you’d like to meet to go over everything… that’s happening this weekend.   Mission Ridge is hosting a number of events this weekend: night skiing, live music, ski racing, wine.   Check out the very funny, once-every-three-years variety show, Follies A La Mode, opening tonight at the […]

Here come the sleepovers

It’s only a matter of a few months now before my older daughter turns 10 and is “eligible” to have a sleepover. Ten is the age my wife and I set for our girls to have a friend over for the night or go to a friend’s house overnight. I know, my two girls live […]

Mom Blog night!

Something fun happened last night. A bunch of Wenatchee Mom Bloggers (and one very patient Dad Blogger) came over to my house to hang out and talk about this site. In the back, that’s Andrea Andrus, Peggy Radewan, Clara Field and Kathryn Bonny. In the middle is Nicole Conner, Kelsey Schroeder, Alex Shorter, Kara Meloy and Marisol Galeana. […]

A letter for my future children

The truth for my children: The hard times you will face in your lifetime may be the biggest heartache I experience in mine. When you are born I hope that I can forever shield you from the experiences of sadness, heartbreak, disappointment, anger or insult. I know that I can’t, for that is what life […]

4 ways to exercise with your kids

After the kids come, “you” time becomes their time and you feel stuck. How are you supposed to get a workout when you are constantly feeding, chasing and diaper changing? One effective method that many moms have used and been successful with is using their child as a workout tool. Unsure what we mean? Keep reading! 1. […]

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