Well, hello there 2016. It’s so very good to see you.

Six months ago our house burned down — a horrible, gut-wrenching trauma that I do not wish upon anyone — and I suppose that means I could write off this last year as a net loss for me and my family. All of those photos and mementos and frilly pink baby clothes tucked away in boxes, gone. But while the past year was at times confusing, scary and sad, it was also a year of many blessings. It was the year in which I learned that the heart of this community is kind and generous, when toys and clothes and notes poured in from total strangers. It was the year I formed incredible new friendships, tight bonds forged by our shared loss and determination (and more than a few bottles of wine). It was also the year sweet Vivian really started talking, and strong-willed Kate blossomed socially, and my husband and I drew closer together while battling insurance company run-arounds and the urge to give in to the grief. And this blog was born. So overall, I choose to call this year a success. I hope your year was a success, too.

God bless all of you out there in NCW land — raising kids or grandkids, managing careers and relationships, and making this community the supportive, beautiful place it is. Happy 2016! We’ll be back here on Monday. In the meantime, here are some events happening locally this week:

Drop the kids off for a sleep-over on New Year’s Eve at S.P.O.R.T. Gymnastics.

Still making your New Year’s Eve plans? The World’s annual New Year’s Eve event guide is online now.

The Parks Department’s indoor playground is open 9-11 a.m. today at Pybus. It returns on Monday and will be open every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning in January.

Create a new family tradition at Orondo Cider Works’ annual Wassailing Party, happening Saturday.

There will also be Public Ice Skating at the Town Toyota Center this weekend and every day after that.

Start the year off right by breaking a sweat at iLa Yoga.

If you plan on being at The Ridge on Saturday, extend your stay and go Night Skiing. Or head to the lodge for the Mountain Music Series featuring Country Lips.