Running away from home


Mom Translator v2.0:

“To mom
From Anna
Dresden is running away
And Anna
Bye, Mom
I have to go”

Ah, yes! The “I’m going to run away and never come back!” age. I knew this day would come, and I’m so glad it has. Why? It’s funny, and I enjoy trolling the kids as much as they do me.

My 7-year-old daughter wrote me a letter notifying me of hers and Dresden’s resignation the other day. The message was clear and simple. She (and apparently Dresden) has had enough of my unwarranted rules. Judging by this reaction, anyone would assume my kids have never had to endure these kinds of rules and that I’ve spontaneously made them up all of a sudden. As you can see in the letter, she has possibly convinced her younger brother to accompany her. Either that or she volunteered him without his knowledge. I’m thinking the latter. After a few minutes of deep thought, they decided to stay and eat their dinner. Whew!