What matters most

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When I first heard about Wenatchee Mom Blog, I thought, “What a great idea!” And then I thought, “Those young mothers need me!” I’m an old mother — my kids are now 37 and 33 so what I have to offer you is the voice of perspective.

Today the focus is on…The Holidays. My family celebrates Christmas, but I imagine that there are similar pressures around other holidays. I’m hoping that some of you are procrastinators like me and this blog will be timely. If you’re like my young friend who works full time, as does her husband, and mailed her cards out before December 1, you can just skip this.

When my kids were little and we were both working full time, my holiday season was often chaotic. I rarely even sent cards out, I was a Christmas Eve shopper and, more often than I care to admit, could be found stuffing stockings on Christmas morning! Looking back on those years, I see children having meltdowns, the house cluttered with Christmas trappings, burned food, water seeping through the ceiling of our brand new house just before Santa’s arrival, seemingly ungrateful children tearing open packages. But I also remember wonderful family meals, seeing the lights of Leavenworth through a child’s eyes, cousins playing together, the gathering of my family for what would be my mom’s last Christmas…you get the idea.

Your holidays won’t be perfect but will be, like everything else in life, filled with some good, some bad. And it won’t matter that you couldn’t find the perfect gift or cook a gourmet meal or decorate like Martha. What matters is making memories that are mostly good and those memories are made up of the people you love. Wishing you an imperfect, family-filled holiday season!