I love Star Wars. I’m not a Trekkie, I’ve never considered going to Comic-Con, and I don’t care if Arnold will be back or not. But Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan and Anakin are like friends to me. To get ready for the new Episode VII, my hubby, daughter and I have recently watched all of the previous Star Wars movies. Watched them in order we did, I – VI, although my 10-year-old fell asleep at the end of Episode III when Lord Vader turned to the dark side, and that was quite alright with me. You didn’t hear this from me, but she has a little girl crush on Luke Skywalker and thinks Chewbacca is adorable. She’s also taught herself how to play a couple lines of The Imperial March on the recorder.

Social media is full of Star Wars movie trailers, memes, and even Gingerbread Wookiee Cookies getting ready for this much anticipated movie. I liked this USA Today interview with director J.J. Abrams, who first saw Star Wars as an 11-year-old kid. I also learned that each movie of the new trilogy has a different director. I was an avid Lost fan…until the end. I’m glad Abrams is directing the first movie.

Watch this Ultimate Star Wars Medley on the piano and this A Cappella Strikes Back performance for even more anticipation.

The new movie takes place about 30 years after the ending of 1983’s Return of the Jedi, but no one knows what Luke Skywalker’s role is in this one. What do my fellow Star Wars fans think?

What happens to Luke?

  • Luke Skywalker turned to the dark side. (40%, 2 Votes)
  • Who cares? Han Solo is the real hero. (40%, 2 Votes)
  • Luke Skywalker is still a Jedi fighting to keep peace in the galaxy. (20%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 5

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I’ll see you at the movies! I’ll be the one limiting her daughter’s fluid intake for 2 hours and 16 minutes so I don’t miss a thing!

(Photo credit: Lucasfilm/TNS)