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What are you doing this weekend? My family and I are headed over the mountains tonight for a few days with the in-laws and a visit to a mall Santa Claus. The 4-year-old is going to ask Santa for a teddy bear and a tree fort, and “a new pot for Mama.” So I’ve got that to look forward to. With just two weeks until Christmas Day (is that even possible?), take care and stay calm out there, moms. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Here are a few links from around the web that we liked this week:

One incredible 16-year-old sings her fight song.

“Why I Got Rid of the Toys”

This Adele parody for stressed out moms made the internet rounds yesterday.

Do you do family meetings? We do not, but they kind of sound like a genius way to stay connected and on the same page, especially with older kids.

If you go a bit Clark Griswold-crazy with the Christmas lights, add your home to The World’s annual Holiday Lights Map. It comes out in the paper on Thursday.

Disney and Steven Spielberg are making “The BFG” into a movie and it looks just as magical (and way more terrifying) than the book!

A hearing-impaired little girl meets a Santa who speaks her language.

What do we think about push presents?

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