My daughter, who is in 5th grade, has been dreading the horrible PUBERTY lessons that have tormented 10 and 11 year olds since the beginning of the school year. To help prepare, we’ve been talking about it a lot at home – knowledge is power I always say. It at least makes it less scary. Today is lesson #1 at school, so last night we were reading up on periods, and she stopped me mid-sentence: “Wait! You mean periods happen EVERY month?!” It was so hard not to laugh, or not say “Welcome to my world!”.

We’ve been reading The Care and Keeping of You. It covers all aspects of growing up and explains things in a way that kiddos can understand. I’ve found it to be a great conversation starter to help answer my daughter’s questions that she would otherwise be too shy to ask.

What do you do to help your tweens get ready for puberty?

Photo provided, Halloween 2015
Halloween 2015