One of my favorite things to do as I decorate for the holidays is to theme all the wrapping papered packages so that our tree looks really sharp. It’s probably the tiny touch of OCD in me, but I totally get bothered when there are 11 different wrapping papers used on packages under the tree.

One year I made all the packages red, and another I used only black and gold paper. This year, I’m getting brave and letting the kids help out!

This is a super easy and pretty inexpensive way to wrap your gifts. And it’s a great afternoon activity to have on hand when you’re all going a little stir crazy when the weather isn’t great. (bonus: no mess!)


Brown Package Paper
Black Sharpie
Optional: a little cutting from your tree to tape to the top of your newly wrapped gift.



1. Unroll the brown package paper on a table

2. Outline themed words, pictures, and little doodles (It’s always helpful for me to take a minute or two to gather my ideas before I initiate this kind of project with the kids. Bring out your block lettering skills from junior high, and doodle little trees, gifts, wreaths, antlers, a string of lights or anything else that jumps out at you. Words such as, JOY, PEACE, MERRY, CHRISTMAS, RUDOLPH, HO, HO, HO are favorites of ours.)



3. Let your kids color in the lines, don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Remember this is for fun, and the wrapping paper will be tossed after Christmas morning anyway. 😉

4. Wrap the presents and enjoy your perfectly imperfect, curated, and bright gifts under your tree!


I hope you all enjoy this super easy DIY wrapping paper! Send photos to our Instagram feed @wenmomblog so we can see!


Kara Meloy