Hello and welcome to the blog! We are so happy you found us. Together, we can make this website a fun, supportive place for mothers in the valley. It will be like a network of moms, and everyone is invited. We’ll share tips, tricks, recipes and links from around the web, information about family-friendly events happening locally and stories by and about moms in our community. I am a writer and the mother of two young daughters — ages 2 and 4 — but this website is for every mom of children big and small. That’s reflected by our awesome team of bloggers. Here are just a few of the talented women who will be sharing their stories:

  • Kara Meloy: A successful small business owner and creative DIY-er from Cashmere with four young boys.
  • Kaye Sirmon: A fitness and running coach who has a thing or two to teach us about raising healthy, active kids. Hers are in high school and college.
  • Alex Shorter: Runs the Mission Ridge Ski Team’s youth program and has been taking her 4-year-old skiing with her since he was in diapers.
  • And at least one local dad, Wenatchee World features editor Marco Martinez, who will occasionally give us the guy’s perspective.

Speaking of the guys, they are more than welcome on the site. We love Wenatchee dads, too, and we are all in this parenting thing together.

It takes a village to raise a website, so please give us a like on Facebook or follow us on Instagram. And when the kids are napping, or you just dropped them at soccer practice, or you catch a rare, still moment at your desk one day this week, click through the site and tell us what you think. Have an idea about something you’d like to see here? Send us an email: momblog@wenatcheeworld.com.

Thank you for visiting!