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Becoming Mama Bear

When you first welcome your little one into the world there’s an insane shift…of priorities, sleep…and hormones, ha! You’re 100% responsible for this tiny human and there’s no manual. It can be downright terrifying, especially if you’re the type of person who likes consistency and having a predetermined plan — anyone else out there besides […]

The magic of menu planning

Hi moms! I started doing regular week-long menu planning about a year and a half ago and it has been awesome, so I’m sharing what I do with hopes it may inspire you all. There’s a million ways to do this…I’m a basically a beginner but this is what has worked pretty well for me. […]

More than a mother

I like to reach my hand back and rub my children’s knees when I’m driving them around in the car. I adjust the rearview mirror to look at their faces when we talk, and shower them with lovey-dovey superlatives, and blow kisses at them until they tell me to just Stop Mommy! I can’t help […]

The magic of Apple Blossom

I grew up in the Wenatchee Valley so I know there are two kinds of people here — those who love the Apple Blossom Festival and those who roll their eyes and high-tail it out of town. Lump me in with the former. Sure, I’ve guffawed at the crowds and extra traffic with the best […]

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