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9 tips for a safe Apple Blossom Festival

Well, the high school marching band just started practicing in our neighborhood, so I know it’s Apple Blossom! My kids were thrilled by this unique sound of spring in Wenatchee, sensing the rumble of the drums with wide eyes and rushing out the door to follow them along the sidewalk. I felt warm, despite the […]

Girls in sports: The power of play

My 5-year-old daughter’s first T-ball game was Tuesday evening. For weeks now, my husband has been out in the yard playing catch with her most nights. The day we registered her for the season, he rushed right out to Sports and Fitness Outlet and bought her a pink glove. Bless his heart. I made him […]

The lion, the skit and the toilet paper

It’s time for another round of bragging about how Stage Kids has helped my kid. (See previous posts here and here.) My daughter and her classmates were recently studying about King Tut in social studies class. Her group of three girls created the usual tri-board presentation, but they also went for the extra credit and put together […]

Coming unraveled

I have a favorite scarf. It is a hand-made infinity scarf that my oldest son, Jacob, purchased for me as a gift from a craft market in Seattle. It has all of these beautiful colors woven together in stripes- it matches everything and it just plain makes me happy when I wear it. Funny how an […]

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