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DIY: Mason jar solar lights

Here’s a project you can do anywhere. And I mean anywhere! I brought it with me camping and I love how it turned out. The Mason Jar solar light is easy to make and you can take it anywhere and customize it according to your style. What you will need: Solar light (I got mine at […]

Craft Notes: 5 types of homemade playdough

Here’s a Pinterest craft that you can do on a cold winter day: homemade play dough — five different ways. This project is courtesy of Here we go! Total project time This entire craft can be done within an hour (hooray!), but with kids in mind, maybe you’ll want to make an afternoon of […]

Craft Notes: Holiday “JOY” Light Canvas

The first Pinterest craft I wanted to test for parents comes from “The Child at Heart Blog.” (Here are the instructions.) The craft is a canvas spray painted red, with “joy” written across in white, and Christmas string lights poking through. If you want to try this craft, here are some notes, highlights and tips: […]

Introducing: Craft Notes

Pinterest is like a frothy catalog of all of our “more.” More time to look our best. More motivation to get fit, or to style our hair in heart-shaped buns, or to mask our bathroom in grey and pink Chevron, or to artfully drizzle chocolate sauce over a pumpkin confetti cake that we made in […]

Fun with fungi

What living thing weighs more than 35 blue whales, but could be walked over without it knowing? Yep, a fungus — specifically, a honey mushroom in Oregon that is larger than 1,600 football fields and is thousands of years old. Fungi might seem boring at first, but once the learning starts, facts like these make […]

DIY: table and chair flip

I painted my daughter’s old playhouse this summer. The inside now looks like castle walls, the ceiling is the sky. It’s beautiful. When we got the playhouse, a table and chairs were included, but they showed their age and tons of wear, so I decided to flip it into my daughter’s new playhouse style. Hannah picked the oil […]

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