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Immigration, fear and our children

This isn’t a post that will debate whether the Trump administration’s immigration policies are right or wrong. The Wenatchee Mom Blog probably isn’t the appropriate place for that. What I want to bring to the attention of readers of this blog site is the impact those policies — whether you agree with them or not […]

The gritty world of team sports

My 9-year-old daughter played in her first AAU basketball tournament over the weekend. The tourney drew about 10 teams from all over North Central Washington. As a parent, it was an eye opener. This wasn’t city league basketball, where you often see girls on opposing teams chatting and smiling during stoppages in the game. This […]

Here come the sleepovers

It’s only a matter of a few months now before my older daughter turns 10 and is “eligible” to have a sleepover. Ten is the age my wife and I set for our girls to have a friend over for the night or go to a friend’s house overnight. I know, my two girls live […]

The impossible dream

Maybe you’ve seen me? I’m the guy with the scowl most mornings as I drive my girls to school. It’s not the heavy morning traffic on Western Avenue that has me uptight. It’s my two girls. I know I should accept that my 6-year-old butterfly girl moves like molasses in the morning and politely refuses […]