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I know, I know. Your news feed is blowing up with skincare, clothing, jewelry, lipstick, cleaning products, oils, weight loss fixes, and Tupperware. Mine is too. Stay-at-home moms trying to find a name for themselves amidst all the kids pulling at their legs. Trying to make an extra buck so they can go to Target […]

Strong as a woman

International Women’s Day came and went, and ever since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. So many different views and opinions. Some I agree with, and some I don’t. But it left me with an ongoing conversation in my head. The strength of a woman. Whether you are an adolescent, in […]

Stopping time

I laid in his bed, singing to my 2-year-old with tears running down my cheeks. Because tonight he walked into his room, laid down, and let me tuck him in without screaming. I laid as close to him as I could get. His chubby little arm wrapped around my neck. I closed my eyes and […]

Life transitions

Who else has had a difficult time transitioning out of the baby bearing stage of life?  I am having a really hard time with the thought of never being pregnant, feeling a baby kick inside of me, going into labor, and the excitement and euphoric release of the love hormones that come when you hold […]

Your mom does what?!

“Mom, when you are done with your pornography can you …”  Wait, WHAT?!  Back it up. I’m a photographer. I do photography. Unfortunately for me, it can make some very awkward situations when my 6-year-old son gets those two words mixed up. So I apologize to anyone who has asked him what his mommy does […]

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