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Signs of spring

We eat breakfast early and as we look out the windows at the still, cold world, my 7-year-old notices a robin high up on a branch. I walk out on the porch to wave goodbye to the kids and no longer feel myself tense up with the cold. After they have gone, I realize I hadn’t asked […]

Tips for an easier mom-life

Hey moms. I just thought I’d share my favorite tips and tricks for making mom-life a bit easier. We all know that regular meals, good sleep and exercise are good for everyone, but with children it seems especially so. Those basics plus a couple extras make up my best tips. 1. Early bedtimes and good […]

A Day in the Life: Clara Field

(Note: This is the first in a new series of posts all about how we spend our days. As you can see from the pictures of sunny skies and pretty chrysanthemums in bloom, Clara wrote this a few months ago. It’s a healthy dose of autumn on a cold winter day. Enjoy!) I wake up […]

Growth through the seasons

I’ve seen a full cycle of growth – from fallow to stirring up the soil to planting to growing to harvesting. It’s been beautiful, soul-stiring, thought provoking. I’ve been driving to Yakima every week for a whole year and have driven through miles and miles of farmland. It’s obviously a lot of work, but incredible […]

Holiday Traditions: Christmas Cookies

Every December, my mother made Christmas cookies. Gingerbread boys and girls, sugar cookies cut out like snowmen and holly, and shortbread squares popped in and out of the oven, and we were delighted to help her decorate them with icing and candies. I am passing along this delicious tradition to my own children and we’ve […]

The lucky ones

We are truly lucky. Let’s not forget that. In the midst of our own personal situation and our daily challenges, please mamas, let’s not forget how lucky we are. We get to live here! Here, in this gorgeous valley, surrounded by good people, and lovely spaces. For those mamas struggling with something — housing, a good job, […]

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