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How does your garden grow?

I know it’s Memorial Day Weekend, the kiddos have Monday off school and I should be twitterpated with thoughts of camping and recreating…. and there is sunshine! Glorious sunshine! How long have we waited for warmth and light this year after enduring what seemed like an eternal winter? But bbq burgers, sunscreen, and dusty fishing […]


As I began working in the garden this weekend (finally!) I tossed the weeds and stray grass into the chicken yard and I had to stop for a moment, amused at the happy clucking and fluffy feathered rumps of our eight chickens as they very obviously enjoyed there treats. I was many months pregnant with […]

Coming unraveled

I have a favorite scarf. It is a hand-made infinity scarf that my oldest son, Jacob, purchased for me as a gift from a craft market in Seattle. It has all of these beautiful colors woven together in stripes- it matches everything and it just plain makes me happy when I wear it. Funny how an […]

A Day in the Life: Brook Hinton

(Note: Aren’t you curious about how other local moms make it all work? We are, too! This is the fourth in a series of posts all about how we spend our days. You can read the first three posts here and here and here.) I should probably begin by saying that no two days are ever exactly the […]

Next stop… the stars

Beyond the unavoidable super hero and Harry Potter obsessions my kids have had, (we are talking Captain America and Hogwarts here people — who can blame them? ) I try and adhere to the philosophy that the hobbies and interests my kiddos pursue meet a handful of requirements. That said, hobby/sport/interest should be: something they […]

Summer camp wish list

Snow pants… check. Hat and gloves… check. Snow coat… check. Summer camp survey… what??? That’s right. I said summer camp. I always find it a bit ironic that as the Valley is enjoying its first real snowfall of the year, and temperatures go from a wee-bit nippy to down right bone chilling cold, I, and […]

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