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Wenatchee Mom Blog is a supportive, social gathering place for local parents. We share stories from the front lines of parenthood: the good, the bad, the funny. Check in regularly for updates about family-friendly events happening locally, tips, recipes and links from around the web, and stories by and about moms (and a few dads) in our North Central Washington community.

Meet Our Contributors

Kelli Scottmore_vertKelli’s Posts

Kelli Scottclose

Kelli is a newspaper writer living in Wenatchee with her husband, two young daughters and a good dog named Barkley. She checks Facebook from work to see what crafty things her stay-at-home mom friends are doing. Kelli blogs about balancing career and family life.

Andrea Andrusmore_vertAndrea’s Posts
Andrea Andrusclose

Andrea is the Advertising Director at The Wenatchee World, organizer of Wenatchee Valley Coats for Kids and serves on the Board of Directors at the Wenatchee Valley YMCA. She hails from the potato fields of Idaho, has a black belt in shopping, enjoys reading, and loves traveling with her husband and daughter.

Dominick Bonnymore_vertDominick’s Posts
Dominick Bonnyclose

Dominick Bonny is a soon-to-be fully-fledged father, a step-father, journalist, social media manager and videographer who lives and works in the lovely Wenatchee Valley with his lovely wife, kids and two rambunctious Australian shepherds. He hopes to someday own a ranch and publish the next great American novel, not in that order.

Kathryn Bonny (Franklin)more_vertKathryn’s Posts

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Kathryn is a Washington transplant born in Southern California who has lived in the incomparable Wenatchee Valley for the last 10 years. When she’s not doing mom things, she enjoys being outdoors exploring our beautiful trail systems, walking her hyper dog through the neighborhoods and parks and sitting down and having a glass (or two) of some local wine in her living room. She adores her family and friends here — her husband and kids especially. Kathryn’s background is in event coordination and digital marketing, and a little micro-blogging on the side.

Lesley Bournemore_vertLesley’s Posts

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Lesley Bourne is a designer/copy editor for The Wenatchee World and a self-proclaimed cool aunt. She blogs about crafting. Is that Pinterest project really doable? Lesley will find out.

Whitney Woodwardmore_vertWhitney’s Posts

Whitney Woodwardclose

Whitney was born and raised in Leavenworth where she lived for 20 years. She currently lives in East Wenatchee with her husband Ben, 8-year-old son Tyson and their chubby, lovable rottweiler Mila. She’s currently working on building a daughter, who is expected this summer. Whitney works in Leavenworth as a full time EMT and volunteers for the Chelan County Search and Rescue and High Angle Rope Rescue Team (HARRT). Her family and friends are her true passion in life, but she also treasures wine and a good adventure. She especially loves to mountain bike and snowboard, but finds happiness outdoors in nearly any form.

Nicole Connermore_vertNicole’s Posts
Nicole Connerclose

Nicole is a wife and a mother of two boys, raising her children in the Wenatchee Valley, where she was born and raised. With a degree from Washington State University, Nicole left a high-stress store management position to pursue her lifelong dream of being a photographer. Her photographic aesthetic is dreamy, airy, light filled and soft. As a photographer, her core values are to approach each assignment with the utmost intent to capture the raw character of those in front of her.

Eron Drewmore_vertEron’s Posts
Eron Drewclose

Eron has been living and playing in Leavenworth for the last 12 years. She is the proud mama of two precocious children and has been happily married to her best friend for over 15 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology, Conservation Biology and Zoology from the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!), co-owns Tierra Garden Organics and manages Tierra Retreat Center. She is a Chelan-Douglas Master Gardener, frequently sits on the board for the Leavenworth Community Farmers Market and writes semi-regularly for publications including The Wenatchee World, and her own personal blog Farmertopia. She recently took up ballet at the tender age of 38.9 and loves to climb, snowboard or ski and travel as much as her budget allows. All of this influences her writing, which would not be possible without the assistance of coffee, chocolate and an amazing group of friends and family.

Luke Ellingtonmore_vertLuke’s Posts
Luke Ellingtonclose

Luke and his wife grew up in the Wenatchee Valley and returned to raise three spunky daughters: Anabelle, Isley and Evey. They spend their time together playing, homeschooling, caring for animals (domestic and farmy), eating real food and delighting in Peace and Love. Luke sometimes leaves the house to manage teen services and the bookmobile program for North Central Regional Library.

Clara Fieldmore_vertClara’s Posts
Clara Fieldclose

Clara Field is the mother of four children ages 1 to 14. She loves her community and has been blessed with a village in the lovely Wenatchee Valley. In her view, not much can beat a clean, pretty house and a babe in arms. Just add adventures with her husband and children and a long walk in the outdoors. She savors peace and quiet, when she can get it. You can find her daily on Instagram as shepresents.

Cal FitzSimmonsmore_vertCal’s Posts
Cal FitzSimmonsclose

Cal FitzSimmons is the managing editor of The Wenatchee World and the father of three kids, ages 18, 16 and 14. His wife, Jill, also deserves some of the credit for his being a father. His blog is about important lessons he has learned from raising children and how those lessons still haven’t made him regret being a father.

Holly Flickmore_vertHolly’s Posts
Holly Flickclose

Holly grew up in Colorado and lived in Montana and Oregon before happily settling in the Wenatchee Valley. Holly is a high-energy mama to three typical children aged 3, 5 and 9 and a fourth sweet babe (7 years old) challenged with special needs. Her happiest days are on skis on the side of a mountain or hiding away with a good book after a long day of mama-work. Holly is an avid researcher and advocate for her child. She is idealistic and has a bit of trouble taking “no” for an answer, especially when it comes to caring for her kiddos. She is passionate about connecting and encouraging other mamas of special kiddos. Her dream is to help build a community in NCW where our special needs families can thrive. Follow Holly and her daughter’s personal journey at Quivering Rose. Here at the mom blog, she writes to love on special needs mamas.

Marisol Woodwardmore_vertMarisol’s Posts
Marisol Galeanaclose

Marisol (meaning ocean/sea and sun in Spanish) was born in Mexico. She has lived in Washington State for 35 years and in the Wenatchee Valley for 15 years, where she works full-time as a receptionist for the Chelan County Prosecutor in the Division of Child Support. She is the mother of two beautiful girls — Soli, 14, and Sierra, 11 — and two dogs, Poochie (boxer) and Bandit (black lab/chihuaha mix). Marisol lives with the love of her life, Casey Woodward. When not working or being Mom, she is out with mother nature enjoying all seasons in our valley. Marisol loves trail running, mountain biking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, hiking, basketball, volleyball and the gym. Follow her adventures on Instagram.

Brook Hintonmore_vertBrook’s Posts
Brook Hintonclose

Brook enjoys living in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley with her husband, youngest son, and a menagerie of animals while the oldest son is off on his own big adventure. She is a work-in-progress attempting to balance parenthood, a career, marriage and her own passions and interests — happy healthy kiddos, sustainable living, and connecting to the natural world tend to top the list. Blogging is a new way to share the adventure.

Anni Ponder Hiseymore_vertAnni’s Posts
Anni Ponder Hiseyclose

Anni is a mom, teacher and lover of life. Playing pirates with her daughters Seleah (10) and Gianna (5) is one of her favorite activities, along with rock climbing, dancing, making art, reading, traveling, enjoying music, drinking espresso and cooking vegan delicacies. A bilingual educator, she co-founded Joyful Scholars Montessori Elementary, directs Academic Associates Learning Center, and occasionally teaches at the college. She also does a pretty good frog impersonation.

Elizabeth Jonesmore_vertElizabeth’s Posts
Elizabeth Jonesclose

Elizabeth is a Washington native who moved to Wenatchee in 2011. She is happily married to her best friend Andy and together they have two young children. She is a stay-at-home mom who wouldn’t want to spend her days any other way. She is a self-proclaimed “over-sharer” who enjoys documenting her family’s day-to-day life on Instagram, often joking that her children are the most photographed kids in history. Her husband and her children are the center of her universe and if she had any free time, she’d choose to spend it with them. Her family is everything, but she manages to squeeze in some time for football too. She is a lifelong Seahawks fan whose favorite time of year has always been football season and when she’s not cheering on her Hawks, she enjoys watching her husband play for the Wenatchee Valley Rams.

Marco Martinezmore_vertMarco’s Posts
Marco Martinezclose

Marco is features editor at The Wenatchee World and editor of Foothills Magazine. He and wife Noemi live in Wenatchee, along with their two daughters, Andréa, 9, and Gabriela, 6. To the chagrin of his wife, Marco sweats the small stuff when it comes to parenting … and it’s all small stuff. He’s searching for answers.

Michelle McNielmore_vertMichelle’s Posts
Michelle McNielclose

Michelle is a lifelong Wenatchee Valley resident who worked 28 years as a newspaper reporter and is now public relations manager for the North Central Regional Library. She is mom to three wonderfully rambunctious young children, two dogs, four bunnies and five honey bee colonies. She’s also a pastor’s wife, Sunday School teacher and youth group leader. In her spare time (whatever that is) she loves to hike, read, dabble in photography and play hockey.

Kara Meloymore_vertKara’s Posts
Kara Meloyclose

Kara has been the creative force behind Little Sun Hat since its beginning in 2013. A mother of four young children, she is inspired by vintage textiles, her family and the Cascade mountains surrounding her home in Cashmere. Her desire is to provide modern childhood with weather protection, style and memorable delight with every Little Sun Hat. Kara blogs about DIY projects and shares her mom-heart here.

Libby Pattersonmore_vertLibby’s Posts
Libby Pattersonclose

Libby, mom to four, wholeheartedly believes that mothering is her greatest adventure. As much as she enjoys going on hikes, taking pictures, attending births as a doula, working in the garden, baking bread and writing, to her, there is nothing quite as thrilling as watching her children grow. They keep her running, laughing, learning and grateful to be the one they call “Mama”.

Christine Pottermore_vertChristine’s Posts
Christine Potterclose

Christine has lived in the Wenatchee Valley since she was 6. She is a wife to a handsome bearded husband, and a mom to three boys. Christine is also a photographer specializing in labor/birth, families, seniors, and catching real life emotion in a lifestyle approach. (She is easily bribed with Diet Coke.)

Paige Reyesmore_vertPaige’s Posts
Paige Reyesclose

Paige Reyes is a work-at-home mom and commercial fisherman’s wife. Paige and her husband have both lived many places – including Miami and Ecuador for him and Portland and Maui for her – but Cashmere, WA is where they met and have made a home for their baby boy and giant German Shepherd puppy. With her husband away fishing for months at a time, Paige maintains her sanity by taking her boys out hiking here in the Pacific Northwest. You can follow along with their adventures on Instagram and on her blog, Mrs. PNW!

Lorna Rosemore_vertLorna’s Posts
Lorna Roseclose

Lorna and her husband Nathan have enjoyed calling Wenatchee home for the past eight years. Together they have a toddler son and an infant daughter. Lorna blogs and manages social media for clients, as well as writes memoir, essay, and poetry. She sits on the board for Write On The River, a nonprofit that supports literary arts in North Central Washington. She can also be found walking her dog, hiking, snowshoeing, and dreaming about one day biking again. Lorna grew up outside Chicago and came to Washington via Arizona, Colorado, California, and Alaska.

Stephanie Rossmore_vertStephanie’s Posts
Stephanie Rossclose

Stephanie has lived in Wenatchee for about a decade. She met her amazing husband, Zach, here in Wenatchee. They have been married eight years. She enjoyed teaching bilingual kindergarten with Wenatchee Public Schools, until family growth called her homeward to raise three daughters, three chickens, and 0.03 acres of edible garden! She stays connected to the neighborhood through good food, hiking, gardening, homeschooling, and doula work. Her life experiences have been influenced by Pacific Northwest country living along with some short stints in metropolitan and international settings, primarily Seattle, WA and Puebla City, PUE, Mexico. Zach and Stephanie hope to one day establish a homestead and community-centered farm, “Joel Salatin style.”

Kelsey Schroedermore_vertKelsey’s Posts
Kelsey Schroederclose

Kelsey was born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley, graduated from Eastmont High School and from Central Washington University with a degree in Nutrition. She has been married to the love of her life for eight years. Her most important and fulfilling role is being the mother of three, ages 4, 6 and 14 years old. That’s more than enough to keep her busy and moving on any given day!

Hillary Schwirtlichmore_vertHillary’s Posts
Hillary Schwirtlichclose

Hillary works as the Membership & Education Coordinator for the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust. She holds a M.Ed of Environmental Education, and her passion is sharing a love of nature and human-powered outdoor fun with other people, especially kids. She lives on a farm near Peshastin with her fiancé Chris and their dog Leo, and enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, growing food – the list goes on and on! She blogs about how to encourage a love of healthy nature-inspired fun among little ones.

Alex Shortermore_vertAlex’s Posts
Alex Shorterclose

Alex and her husband Ryan have called Wenatchee home for the past 10 years. Together they are proud parents to their 4-year-old, Carl, and are co-owners of PV Alpine Ski Camp. Alex is the head coach of the Mission Ridge Ski Team Youth programs for 5- to 11-year-olds and was named the 2015 Pacific Northwest Coach of the Year. She blogs weekly under the name “West Coast Shorter Wife” for a family-owned gift shop called Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts, where she has earned a reputation as a modern Emily Post.

Jeri Smithmore_vertJeri’s Posts
Jeri Smithclose

Jeri and her husband are raising six children, ages 1 to 16. She is birth-mother to five, step-mother to one. Jeri was born in Wenatchee and has lived in and around the valley her entire life. She has grown to appreciate the culture and array of outdoor charm that our valley offers us. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mom and college student, studying multiple areas of business. Jeri has always been in love with the spirit of Motherhood. She is a growing naturalist, obsessed with the idea of organic living, a free-spirit, dedicated to her faith and passionate about the relationships she has — especially with other women. Jeri enjoys running, working in her yard and garden, decorating, reading, and cooking with her husband.

Alison Talbotmore_vertAlison’s Posts
Alison Talbotclose

Alison is a mama to one rambunctious, fun-loving toddler. She recently started her own business making little healthy moccasins. She has her Dental Hygiene degree as well as her bachelors in Information Technology and Administrative Management — the latter she completed in 2016. She is a lover of the outdoors and gardening. Alison has a passion for finding (and sharing!) healthier alternatives for our homes and lives, which she blogs about on her moccasin website littleRÜTZ (pronounced: little-roots). You can follow her passion for healthier footwear for children on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Tara Tuplingmore_vertTara’s Posts
Tara Tuplingclose

Tara is a farmer’s wife and work-hand on her family farm in Mansfield. She is mother to Hannah Jo, her 5-year-old mini-me, and a fur-mom to horses, dogs, cats and chickens. You could say she’s a stay-at-home-mom… too busy for a paying job! Tara loves God, family, junk piles and turning retro, rusty and old finds into repurposed, crafty, fun and beautiful projects. If she’s not in a junk pile or piecing together new found treasures, Tara is volunteering at her daughter’s school, serving as a school board director, and is active in her local church. She is also a volunteer EMT and a total foodie.

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